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Hello, I'm Gordon Tees, and I am an experienced, enthusiastic, not to mention patient guitar teacher serving the Houston, TX area.

I offer private, affordable, 1 on 1 guitar lessons from Beginner, to Advanced Level, all designed to make YOU a better player. Lessons run either once weekly or every other week. You can book a one off group of lessons or stay with me for as long as you like!

My guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! The courses are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist, while giving you an understanding of how and why songs work. Ever wondered how Hendrix wrote those tunes? Or how Coldplay create their sound? It's all in my lessons!!

May Special - 5 Lessons for $80

Guitar Lessons HoustonAs I mentioned, not only will you get the best guitar teacher in Houston, my rates are affordable. 30 minute lessons are only $20 each, and I have a special where if you pay for 4 lessons at once, you get 1 free! I love teaching music and I'd do it for free - but I like to eat so $20 a lesson lets me keep a roof over my head and a guitar in my hands.

Call 832-776-2284 or fill out my contact form below to schedule a class today.

Learn Guitar Fast

My current lesson course list includes everything from lesson plans for young children to advanced guitar lessons, as well as private individual classes and band classes to help your band improve it's sound and performances.

Each individual tutoring session starts with an evaluation of your musical and guitar knowledge and background. I then tailor your learning to your needs as well as your growth, adjusting the speed and amount of work based on your progress. I am dedicated to helping you grow as a musician.

Whether you just want to learn a few chords, or if you want to play like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!


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